Musings on Self-Acceptance

skills for balance in a bumpy world

Dismayed by the state of our world?

Over the past months, friends and clients have shared with me the stress they are feeling about the state of our world. Some are angry, some furious while others are sad and/or anxious.  Most have expressed the whole range of feelings.

Many of my sessions with clients have focused on these feelings. So when the following appeared in a holiday letter, I knew that I needed to share it.

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skills for balance in a bumpy world

How to worry effectively

Are you a worrier?

  • Are you constantly considering:
  • what might happen or
  • what you wish you would have done differently?

Do you have a hard time turning it off?

Or, are you afraid to stop worrying for fear that you will miss something important?

If so, this post is for you – well it is really for anyone with a pre-frontal cortex and that would be all of us!

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skills for balance in a bumpy world

How meditation can help with anxiety and what to do if you are feeling too anxious to try it.

benefits of meditation

It is hard to ignore the abundance of evidence demonstrating the benefits of meditation.

Just to mention a few  – meditating has been shown to help with anxiety, depression, sleep, addictions, and follow-through with personal goals.

For people with anxiety just the thought of meditating can trigger anxiety.

Is that true for you?

Do you get anxious just thinking about meditating?

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Failed dieting and the pressure to be thin

Are you feeling like a failure because you haven’t been able to stick with the diet you started in January?  Or have you been losing and regaining for years?  If so, I have some ideas for you.   

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What if a New Year’s Resolution Only Had to Last for a Moment?

What if a New Year's resolution only had to last a moment?I imagine you are surprised to be hearing from me! I have been so busy in my private practice working with clients – for which I feel very grateful – that I have neglected this blog.  I feel sad about that, as I do enjoy it.

Sitting with clients this past week, the idea of New Year’s resolutions has crept into many conversations.  I have been happily surprised as there has been less talk of “this year I am going to…..”

And people still seem to be searching for a way to start the New Year with a sense of purpose while, at the same time, not setting themselves up for failure. So, I thought that it might be useful to put this idea out there, again, this year.

What if resolutions only had to last for a moment?

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Could focusing on your breath help you reach your goals?

Do you know what you “should do” or even “want to do” for the goals in your life, and cant’ seem to follow through? Frustrating isn’t it?  So often people tell me that they know what to do and then they don’t follow through.  I, too, know what that can be like.  Luckily, there are things that we can do to help with that follow-through!

I’m always keeping my eye out for research in this area and so last spring when I heard about Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D and her work on self-control and willpower I was very interested.  Dr. McGonigal is a psychology instructor at Stanford University.  I absolutely loved her dedication in her book “The Willpower Instinct”.

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When life takes you somewhere you didn’t expect

I was cleaning off the front of my refrigerator last year – taking down photos of young children who are now nearly adults and came across a newspaper clipping that had turned brown with age. The clipping was a letter in a Dear Abby column written by Emily Perl Kingsley, entitled, “Welcome to Holland”. In the letter she describes her experience raising a child with a disability. I had put that clipping up there during a difficult time in my life. I decided to share this with you as it seems like a nice follow-up to the Second Arrow post. Although you may have different experiences, with loss, I am hoping this post will provide some ideas and support.

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Help for when you want to get healthy and can’t seem to lose weight

Do you feel helpless about getting healthy because your weight is higher than what “it should be”? Do you believe nothing you do will make a difference unless you lose weight?

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One arrow of pain is enough, don’t you think?


At the end of my last Bounce post, Anxiety: important to our survival?, I mentioned the idea of a second arrow of pain. I would like to use this post to talk more about that idea. Read More

Weight and health

Do you worry about leaving dieting behind for fear of the health consequences?

If so, you are not alone. It is hard to miss the message that obesity is dangerous to health. As a result, most people believe that being overweight is risky and would have a hard time imagining otherwise. For me, the whole issue seems a bit moot. Even if this were true, we don’t have an effective method of helping the majority of people achieve long-lasting weight loss. In addition, there are dangers in the trying, as I talked about in my last post, such as weight cycling, eating disorders, increased stress and feelings of failure.   Please know that I am not encouraging you to give up on your health!  I just don’t believe that dieting and focusing on weight loss is the best way to get there.

I do understand that many people feel scared to give up dieting because they are worried about the impact of their weight on their health. Because of that, I would like to use this post to address those fears.

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