Getting help for anxiety

Getting help for anxiety

Would you like to get help for your anxiety and don’t really know how to do that? Or, maybe, your health care provider has given you a referral and you are afraid to pick up the phone. If… Read More

feelings are just feelings - they don't define you

You are not your fear

It’s pretty natural and understandable to be feeling fear right now as we face the virus and all of the ways it’s changing how we live our lives. Looking for feelings hiding beneath fear is a useful strategy… Read More

Feeling afraid and anxious. Learn how to connect with your inner strength by caring for the afraid child within you

Feeling afraid and anxious? I bet you know how to how to deal with that monster in the closet.

It is pretty understandable to be feeling afraid and anxious with all the unknowns related to the COVID-19 virus. And no, I don’t mean that COVID-19 is the monster in the closet.   I guess it could be compared… Read More

5 signs that it might be time to get help for your anxiety

Struggling with anxiety? 5 signs that it might be time to get some help

Do you wonder whether you should get help for your anxiety – but end up second guessing yourself? Are you unsure that it will help or maybe question whether you need it in the first place? If you… Read More

Dismayed by the state of our world?

Over the past months, friends and clients have shared with me the stress they are feeling about the state of our world. Some are angry, some furious while others are sad and/or anxious.  Most have expressed the whole… Read More

tool for dealing effectively with worry

How to worry effectively

Are you a worrier? Are you constantly considering: what might happen or what you wish you would have done differently? Do you have a hard time turning it off? Or, are you afraid to stop worrying for fear that you will… Read More

what to do if you are too anxious to try meditation and how it can help

How meditation can help with anxiety and what to do if you are feeling too anxious to try it.

It is hard to ignore the abundance of evidence demonstrating the benefits of meditation. Just to mention a few  – meditating has been shown to help with anxiety, depression, sleep, addictions, and follow-through with personal goals. For people with anxiety… Read More

each moment offers the opportunity for choice and a new resolution

What if a New Year’s Resolution Only Had to Last for a Moment?

I imagine you are surprised to be hearing from me! I have been so busy in my private practice working with clients – for which I feel very grateful – that I have neglected this blog. I feel… Read More

life often takes us in directions we don't expect. What to do when this happens

When life takes you somewhere you didn’t expect

I was cleaning off the front of my refrigerator last year – taking down photos of young children who are now nearly adults and came across a newspaper clipping that had turned brown with age. The clipping was… Read More

how to stop adding another layer of pain to the pain you already have.

One arrow of pain is enough, don’t you think?

  At the end of my last Bounce post, “Anxiety: important to our survival?”, I mentioned the idea of a second arrow of pain. I would like to use this post to talk more about that idea.