skills for balance in a bumpy world

Dismayed by the state of our world?

Over the past months, friends and clients have shared with me the stress they are feeling about the state of our world. Some are angry, some furious while others are sad and/or anxious.  Most have expressed the whole… Read More

skills for balance in a bumpy world

How to worry effectively

Are you a worrier? Are you constantly considering: what might happen or what you wish you would have done differently? Do you have a hard time turning it off? Or, are you afraid to stop worrying for fear that you will… Read More

skills for balance in a bumpy world

How meditation can help with anxiety and what to do if you are feeling too anxious to try it.

It is hard to ignore the abundance of evidence demonstrating the benefits of meditation. Just to mention a few  – meditating has been shown to help with anxiety, depression, sleep, addictions, and follow-through with personal goals. For people with anxiety… Read More

What if a New Year’s Resolution Only Had to Last for a Moment?

I imagine you are surprised to be hearing from me! I have been so busy in my private practice working with clients – for which I feel very grateful – that I have neglected this blog.  I feel… Read More

When life takes you somewhere you didn’t expect

I was cleaning off the front of my refrigerator last year – taking down photos of young children who are now nearly adults and came across a newspaper clipping that had turned brown with age. The clipping was… Read More

One arrow of pain is enough, don’t you think?

  At the end of my last Bounce post, “Anxiety: important to our survival?”, I mentioned the idea of a second arrow of pain. I would like to use this post to talk more about that idea.

Anxiety: important to our survival?

We try hard to be calm – we meditate – practice relaxation – go to see a therapist if we are anxious and, in general, feel that there is something “wrong” with us if we are not calm,… Read More

What if a New Year’s Resolution only had to last for a moment?

Hard to believe that 2014 is on its way out and that 2015 is just around the corner, isn’t it? I hope that your holidays were filled with many moments of joy! And here we are again –… Read More