Creating Peace With Food


I’m wondering if this describes you?



  • You’ve lost weight only to regain it
  • You feel guilty about eating
  • the scale determines the day you will haveYou feel like your eating is out of control
  • Most of your time is spent thinking about food and weight.
  • The scale determines whether you will have a good or bad day.
  • You believe that your life will be better when you are thinner.

It hurts spending every waking moment thinking about



what to eat

and what not to eat.



Of course you want to do something about that!

finding joy in life after dietingI would love to help you:

  • learn skills that will free you from your struggles with food and weight
  • to feel proud and confident in your own skin

Because I believe the time has come:

  • to stop blaming yourself – you don’t lack willpower or motivation!
  • to realize that you haven’t failed!
  • to recognize that you are not the problem – the problem has been the method!
  • to understand that dieting doesn’t work in the long-term!
  • to give up restrictive dieting and try a new approach!
  • to start caring for yourself with kindness and compassion!

What would you do if you had all the time what gifts and talents would you share with the world if you stopped spending so much time on dietingyou spent worrying about your weight, what to eat and what not to eat?

What are the gifts and talents you would share with the world?

What would you do, right now, that you have been putting off until you are “thin enough”?

kindness and self-care are best for moving and maintaing your body's natural set-point

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