Deb’s Blog

Deb Lang PsyD, RD; Licensed Psychologist

My clients often share, with me, their gratitude for what they have learned from me.

Since I love learning and sharing what I learn with others, I wanted a place where I could share information with people visiting my site.

And so, I decided to start a blog.

All of the articles are designed to help you feel more confident and self-accepting.

On these pages you will find articles with information designed to help you become:

  • less bothered by anxiety
  • more resilient
  • more at peace with your body and with food

Just click on one of the images below to find free articles for you to read.

I hope you enjoy them and that they are helpful!

Be sure to leave me a comment. Your comments help me to know what is of interest and what you are finding helpful. I appreciate them!

food cravings and the restrictions of the virus - what we can learn

Food cravings and COVID-19 – what we can learn

Getting help for anxiety

Getting help for anxiety

feelings are just feelings - they don't define you

You are not your fear