Welcome to my website!

In my counseling practice I work with adults, both, individually and in groups.

The focus of my work is to help people feel less depressed, anxious, stuck, vulnerable, out of control, helpless, and self-critical.

FlowerAnd to have or feel MORE:

  • security
  • joy
  • resilience
  • compassion and self-acceptance
  • mindful awareness
  • peace with their bodies and with food
  • peace from old hurts
  • intimacy
  • like the person they were meant, and would like, to be!

If this sounds like what you are looking for, schedule a session today and start learning the skills you need to reach your goals!

Learn more about:
Resiliency – skills for life stress, change, loss, anxiety and depression
Creating peace with food and healing chronic dieting and emotional eating
Scheduling an appointment

I hope the information on these pages is helpful. I would welcome the chance to talk with you, either by phone or email.